Safer contact to the rider‘s hand guaranteed

From relaxation to trust

One important point of the training scale is a harmonious contact to the rider’s hand.

  • Kahl‘s Chewing Balm encourages chewing activity
  • Kahl‘s Chewing Balm initiates the natural salivation process
  • Kahl‘s Chewing Balm prevents teeth grinding

All in all Kahl’s Chewing Balm helps to accept therider’s aids in trust and harmony.

From nature to nature

Being pure nature product, Kahl‘s Chewing Balm is neither doping nor medication. It consists of a finely balanced mixture of natural beeswaxes and plant waxes that have been enriched with valuable propolis and honey. Administer 1-2 tablespoons of Kahl‘s Chewing Balm with your flat hand along with some sugar, apples or bananas before or after bridling. In case your horse should be picky in questions of taste, please use the plunger attached to administer 10-20 ml from the side to the mouth. Make use of this relaxing effect each day, when working with your horse.

From success to success

Mouth activity and salivation leads to a higher sensitivity of the horse. This increases safer contact to the rider‘s hand. Any tension resulting from grinding teeth is ended by Kahl‘s Chewing Balm. The horse noticably will rediscover inner and outer suppleness. Best condition for steady progress in education and constant performance on shows.

In the long run there is no substitute for the rider‘s aids. By reins, by leg or by weight.

Kurt Albrecht (Dogmen der Reitkunst)